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The Science Behind MacroNutrition

Woman confused by Fat, Sugar and Cholesterol Free


Over the past century there has been an increase in the amount of nutrition science and diet information released to the public. First, we were told to limit dietary fats, then sugar. Soon after, carbs all together were to be avoided. We were later advised to cut out dietary cholesterol for heart health (no more egg yolks or butter), and that gluten should be strictly avoided.

In recent years, however, advancements in technology and research have helped us improve our understanding of food properties. We now better understand how our bodies digest, absorb, circulate, store, and use food and nutrients, and can build nourishing diets around this information.

Despite these advancements it can be hard to know what information is up-to-date and relevant. Pseudo-science, unproven information and ill-founded products are widely advertised through television, books and magazines, and online. And with nearly everyone having an opinion on these products, restrictive diets and other extreme lifestyle changes, it is no wonder people are so confused about health and nutrition.

At MacroNutrition we take a nutrition and food science based approach to health and body transformations. Not only do we build tailored plans that help people reach their specific goals, we also work hard to educate our clients throughout the process. We strive to empower our clients by helping them make informed decisions when selecting foods and products to support their health and improve their performance.

For us, a good nutrition plan is holistic. It includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Properly controlling energy balance for body composition
  2. Providing nutrient density for health, wellbeing and performance
  3. Being honest and outcome-based
  4. Being balanced and sustainable long-term


Science is our approach and client results are our priority. Our coaching program was designed to enable us to make adjustments based on the body’s response to the plan. We are able to analyze the data collected each day and make changes to client’s intake and output goals to keep their progress moving forward.

300225908The macro and micronutrients contained in the food we eat, while being interdependent on each other, perform highly specialized functions in our bodies. With a sound understanding of foods and nutrients, and their function in our bodies, we can put this information into action in a way that generates results.

Possessing an understanding of food science is one thing, but applying it is another. Having the knowledge is useless if it can’t be applied in a relevant and consistent way. We work hard to bridge this gap. Our customized approach from week to week is designed to match our clients’ unique schedule. From workouts to planned social events, we work with our clients to create a manageable strategy and provide coaching around what needs to be done to reach their weekly goals.

Despite the overload of nutrition and health information that tends to make simple choices so difficult today, we are hopeful that we can promote positive changes in our society. We strive to steer people away from extremism and toward a more balanced, healthy, and sustainable approach to eating and living.