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Why Hire an Online Coach

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Since switching platforms to online vs. in person coaching, we’ve had a few people ask us why? For us, that is an easy question to answer. We think there are many bonuses to online coaching.

Here’s our top 5:

1) You can workout at any time that suits you, in any place that suits you. This convenience will save you a lot of time as well as avoid the awkwardness many feel when going to the gym and being surrounded by many intimidating, sweaty people who hog all of the equipment! By training at a time that is suitable to your unique schedule, you are also more likely to stay consistent with this health promoting habit – and consistency truly does breed results!

2) You get much more access to your coaches than you would as a face-to-face client. You can benefit from our coaching, accountability, training programs, and support all week long, not just for one or two hours a week that we may be together in a face-to-face environment. This means we can work together on every single aspect of getting you results and seeing you smash your goals.

3) Results. The results that come with the two aforementioned points will be achieved in a way that is individually tailored to your lifestyle preferences and goals – no cookie cutter plans here! This is largely due to the fact that sweeping changes tend to be quite difficult to maintain over the long run. For most people it’s easier to make an incremental change tailored to specific goal(s), solidify that habit (working on this for however long it takes), then make another manageable change.

4) You get all of this at a lower price than working with a trainer and Dietitian face to face for just one hour a week. This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support.

5) And just like face to face Dietitian Consults, our Coaching Programs are covered by most Extended Healthcare Plans. If you have Dietitian Services on your healthcare plan, we strongly encourage you to use them. You have nothing to lose, except potentially any unwanted body fat!


To make achieving your goals more attainable for you, you will benefit from reminders, follow ups, and support for each training session, every meal and everything you track while on our Online Coaching Program. Great online coaching is a one stop shop to get amazing results built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind. We pride ourselves in delivering this experience.