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Health Plan Coverage – Easy as 123

MacroNutrition Coaching Programs and Health Care Plans.

Did you know – Our programs are covered by most extended health care plans under Dietitian Service.

Health Plan Coverage
Diet Counselling

Registered Dietitians, like our very own Virginia Clough are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice and counselling about diet, food and nutrition. They use the best available evidence coupled with good judgment about the client’s or communities’ unique values and circumstances to determine guidance and recommendations.

To check if Dietitian services have coverage by your health plan provider, check the following:

Registered Dietitian Services & Health Plan Coverage

Look under general plan coverage for Registered Dietitian.
(sometimes this coverage is specifically listed under “Other paramedical coverage”, and titled as Dietitian Services, Registered Dietitian Services, or Registered Dietitian Counselling)

If different wording is used and you are uncertain if you qualify please Contact Us and we can guide you through!

Learn more about Virginia Clough’s background and goals as a Registered Dietitian  here.