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To ensure our clients achieve the best results possible, we combine the most up to date nutrition and exercise science research along with our vast practical experience. Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey, or you are an athlete in your chosen sport, our team of coaches will help you progress and achieve your best results.

We believe that every client is unique and that there is no one-size fits all approach to coaching. Accordingly, our coaching methods are completely personalized and are designed to fit the client’s specific needs – Check our Facebook Page for Testimonials and Client Shout-Outs.

Our team takes into account the client’s lifestyle and previous dieting and training history, along with their personal preferences, medical history and mindset around food and fitness.

Throughout the coaching relationship, decisions are made together with both the client and MacroNutrition coach. This collaboration approach helps to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Get Results

The Life you want to live. The Results you want to see.

A transformation is one that goes beyond the physical changes. It’s seeing the mental changes that coincide with physical. We have yet to see someone lose fat, gain muscle, and not be happier, confident, and more resilient.

Our client’s results are our main priority. We’ve been fortunate to assist hundreds of clients from all over the world with reaching personal health goals: Canada, USA, Mexico, Fiji, Egypt, and England – to name a few. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience.

Kiva gets weight loss results


“I can happily say I’ve lost 55 lbs. Kale and Virginia have been amazing coaches and I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t contacted them…
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Maria wears her bathing suit with confidence


“It’s crazy to think that the last time I was in Mexico in 2016 I was 35 lbs heavier. I am so glad to have found these guys. I already feel 2018 is a year of great accomplishment…
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Curtis increased muscle mass with sports injury training regime


“Their professionalism and knowledge sets them apart from others in their field. They show a sincere interest in you as a person. Within the 6 months I gained 32 lbs of lean mass…
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Megan lives a healthy lifestyle with workout program and meal guidance


“I was looking for a change in my life. Having both a Coach and a Dietitian helped me make the changes I needed that helped me reach my goal of living a healthy lifestyle…
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Mark gained strength and increased energy level


“They have equipped me with so many tools and understanding of what healthy eating truly means. I can enjoy life, eat what I want, and have complete control of my body…
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Brett improved metabolism


“I lost over 25 lbs and was able to accomplish this all while working full time, studying for my degree, and celebrating holidays and travelling with my family and friends…
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Jessie struggled with portion sizes and weight gain


“This program was incredible – It really has changed my life. Virginia and Kale made it so easy that it’s hard to believe that more people don’t know how to live this way…
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Aime loves online weight loss coaching


“I can finally say that I am able to enjoy what I am eating while still seeing results. Kale and Virginia helped me lose over 28 lbs so far. It’s very convenient doing online coaching…
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Brittany changed overall health and physical appearance


“I was going to the gym pretty steady but felt like there was something missing. Almost like I wasn’t getting the most out of what body could do. Boy! Was I right…
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Brisa learned about her body changed her life


“They have helped me learn about my body and to eat in a whole new way that has changed my life as well as my surfing performance…
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Kathryn lost weight with hypothyroidism


“I have hypothyroidism. With education around food and how to eat to perform optimally I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs and couldn’t be happier with my results…
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Kelsey achieved weight loss and fitness goals


“I lost weight while going on countless trips. The tools they gave me allowed me to do this while accomplishing my goals. This program has truly been life changing for me…
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Britt feels healthier and more confident than ever


“I have been working with MacroNutrition since December 2018 and I never want it to end. Kale and Virginia are two of the most hard-working coaches…
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Diana improves metabolism and maintains balanced lifestyle


“Diana is taking a long-term approach to fat loss and muscle gain, with a focus of improving her metabolism to allow her to live and maintain a balanced lifestyle…
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Rachel loses weight solves health issues


“After a recommendation from a health professional that my weight maybe contributing to some health issues, my parents asked Kale and Virginia to take me on as their youngest client…
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Alison gets results with science-based approach to losing weight with perimenopause


“I never had to worry about my weight until I hit 43 and all of a sudden I began to gain weight due to perimenopause with fluctuating hormones, sleeplessness and adrenal fatigue…
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Anna achieves fitness results with nutrition lessons


“I have known Kale and Virginia for over 15 years and have witnessed them both dedicating their lives to fitness and nutrition from an early age…
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Chris amazing fitness results


“On top of the amazing results that I achieved working with the MacroNutrition team, the knowledge that I gained on maintaining…
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Wendy practical weight loss results


“I would highly recommend MacroNutrition Coaching for anyone looking to lose weight and learn about food, nutrition, and health so they can maintain their success…
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Derek finds long term fitness solution without going to gym


“I was trying to find a long-term solution to eat healthy and get my weight down with real food from the grocery store my whole family could eat. Not a quick fix of shakes and bars…
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Jane learned health is more than about weight loss


“Over the past 48 weeks working with Kale and Virginia, they have helped me to reach my main goal of learning new things about exercise, nutrition, and myself…
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Reesa improved health and mobility while working from home


“Joining MacroNutrition has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. I cannot say enough about Coach Kale and Virginia…
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Len improves triathalon results after training with MacroNutrition


“I was very pleased with my results following this coaching program. The diet portion was a learning experience that I will carry forward for the rest of my life…
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Eshanie thought having flat tummy and abs was genetically impossible


“I had convinced myself that my body wasn’t capable of leaning out past a certain point, that having a flat tummy and abs was genetically impossible…
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Anna achieved effective bodybuilding results


“MacroNutrition is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to effective bodybuilding. I have done their program two times and have been blown away by the results…
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Ryan sustains a healthy lifestyle


“I wanted to learn how to be better, to stop making excuses and feeling demotivated with mental fog. I could not have done it without the help of MacroNutrition Coaching…
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Dave enjoys food loses weight maintains results


“After trying and not succeeding with other companies, I lost 20 lbs with MacroNutrition. I learned how to enjoy food again without unnecessary restriction…
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Freda eats mindfully


“You guys have helped me tremendously with my progress moving forward in mindful eating, accountability tracking and self-worth…
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Bart loses weight and gains muscle gets lots of compliments


“Kay has been the missing link for allowing me to reach my goals. I have been trying for years to shed weight and gain muscle…
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Anna reaches her fitness goals and regains confidence


“A big thank you to Kay for helping me to reach my goals and most importantly, for helping me to regain my confidence…
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Nadia learned how to build muscle to achieve the toned body she always wanted


“Kay’s excellent knowledge of nutrition helped me learn how to fuel my body to build a lean and strong physique…
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Nancy achieves level of leanness she always wanted


“I finally achieved the level of leanness I’ve always wanted with MacroNutrition. The knowledge and support they provided me was exceptional.”

Jennaya gets results loses those last few pounds


“I was able to lose the last few pounds and achieve my body composition goals with MacroNutrition!”

Mik lost 20lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost 20 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Haley lost 30lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost 30 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Sharon lost 55lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost 55 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Larisa lost 30lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost 30 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Jeff gets body recomposition results


“Body recomp accomplished with MacroNutrition.”

Alison weight loss results


“I lost 30 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

MacroNutrition Coaching helped Lyn lose 30lbs


“I lost 30 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Clint achieved body recomp with MacroNutrition


“Body recomp accomplished with MacroNutrition!”

Lyn lost over 35lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost over 35 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Melissa accomplished body recomp with MacroNutrition


“Body recomp accomplished with MacroNutrition.”

Mandy lost 50lbs with MacroNutrition


“I lost 50 lbs with MacroNutrition!”

Zack is working with a MacroNutrition Coach to achieve his fitness goals


Currently working with a MacroNutrition Coach

Tina is working with a MacroNutrition Coach to lose weight


Currently working with a MacroNutrition Coach

Shannon is working with a MacroNutrition Coach to tone her body


Currently working with a MacroNutrition Coach

Alannah is working with a MacroNutrition Coach for better fitness


Currently working with a MacroNutrition Coach

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