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What Makes Our Programs Unique

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If you find yourself constantly looking for a new solution to improve your body composition, you’re certainly not alone. Many people are searching for the next best diet or the magic supplement that will help them finally achieve the results they want.

Statistics (and likely your personal experience) will tell you that diets typically do not produce the results they claim to. Over 95% of people who follow diets to lose weight end up gaining the weight back. Unless of course, you’re interested in sticking to the diet for the rest of your life. And unfortunately, there are no magical weight-loss supplements – they simply don’t exist.

Through our experience, we have learned that an extreme approach is not sustainable. A diet that requires you to give up delicious and fun foods, or restrict entire food groups, is simply not one that most people can keep up with in the long-term. It’s about knowing how to balance the needs of the body with the enjoyment of everyday life. Once you learn how to achieve this balance, then you can accomplish (and most importantly sustain) the goals you desire.

No matter your end goal, practicing the skills of balance and moderation is much more beneficial (and effective long-term) than following an intake pattern of extremism and restriction. This is why the sustainable balance principle forms the roots of what we coach.

MacroNutrition offers the only program that exists today where you get to work with a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach and a Registered Dietitian. Our goal is to work with your lifestyle; to create a comprehensive plan that is sustainable for you. We start with a consultation where we get to know you and your personal goals; this is closely followed by a thorough diet and lifestyle assessment by our Registered Dietitian. Utilizing this important information and scientific proofs as our guide, we provide a personalized approach and game plan based on your health, diet history and your body composition & fitness goals. And we guide you every step of the way.

Because science is continuing to show us that, although total caloric intake is a major factor in improving body composition, food choices do matter when making long-term improvements to your health. This is why we are firm believers of the 80/20 approach; consuming ~80% of your diet from healthy, nutrient dense foods, and reserving ~20% for soul satisfying treats. This philosophy is all about total wellness, not just physical wellness. It promotes emotional and mental well-being by allowing for flexibility and balance in your everyday life.

Already have your 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables for the day and would like to have a slice of chocolate cake after dinner? Believe it or not, you won’t reverse all your hard-earned progress. You can actually reach your health and body composition goals all the same by simply practicing moderation and meeting your macronutrient intake needs.

Throughout the coaching process we allow you the flexibility to choose the foods you prefer, that fit your nutrient “budget”, and are easy to access in your area to fit your daily nutrient needs. No cookie-cutter diet plans or unrealistic diet over-hauls here. As you track your intake, you get the bigger picture of what your food contains: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. To get the biggest nutritional bang for your calorie buck, we coach you to consume the majority of your food intake from unprocessed whole foods. As the weeks progress, we provide ongoing accountability, support, and education while ensuring you consume a variety of macro and micronutrients that support overall health and performance.

It’s a sustainable approach that can allow you to have fun at events, eat the foods you enjoy, and still follow a diet conducive to your health and fitness goals, not for a few weeks but for a lifetime.